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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

my business

Hello everyone!

Are you a fan of crochet's product?
if the answer is YES, come and visit my facebook page and follow my instagram!!

Fb page: Nuyin's BabyLand
Fb Link:
Insta: @nuyinsbabyland

Here are some of the products that I sell;

  1. cover bottle 
  2. pouch 
  3. telekung's bag 
  4. baby booties 
  5. sunhat/cap
  6. wedding gift, etc 

The best seller of my product is HAMPER FOR BABY.

We offer a quality and handmade product with cheapest price in the market. You could request the design and the colour of the product without any additional charge. The prices vary according to size.

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my favourite facebook page!

I want to share one of the best facebook page that could be the best reference for baking lovers.


Here is the link:

Why I like this page??

  1. The measurement of the ingredients is easy to follow
  2. The author has simplified the recipe
  3. I succeed on my first try
  4. The end product is delicious

I have tried several recipes from this page like rainbow cake and cookies called 'lidah kucing'. I have succeeded to produce both and I received compliment from my family. I also has used the recipe from this page and make money out of it. I sold 'lidah kucing' cookies last eid plus received a special rainbow cake order for an engagement. So, why do not you check the recipes out and test it? You will succeed on your first try!

This is the rainbow cake that that I baked not long time ago...(I guess)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Honestly, I'm not a fan of animated movies or series.
one day, I unintentionally watched 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' with my nephew while babysitting him. I feel attracted to watch it because of:

  • the quality of the animation
  • the consistent humor
  • the adventure feeling
  • the exciting song towards the end of the movie
  • cute-looking animals.

"This one hour and 29 minutes movie is about Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice and the penguins and the chimps who find themselves marooned on the distant shores of Madagascar. In the face of this obstacle, the New Yorkers have hatched a plan so crazy it just might work. With military precision, the penguins have repaired an old crashed plane-sort of. Once aloft, this unlikely crew stays airborne just long enough to make it to the wildest place of all--the vast plains of Africa, where the members of our zoo-raised crew encounter species of their own kind for the very first time. Africa seems like a great place--but is it better than their Central Park home?" (

my video project



SynopsisThis video brings you to unveil the mystery behind the Deadly Woods. Bella,Wani,Fazira and Azza, the four students who were assigned to submit photographs of a beautiful ‘out of the world’ scenery by lecturer Miss Farhan, challenged themselves to take the best shot at the Deadly Woods. Although, being refused by one of the member Wani, the group still insist to go for the best which turns out to be a tragedy. Tragedy that will haunt you a lifetime and act as a caution for you to reconsider before dragging your feet into any woods.

Actresses: Bella, Thava, Wani, Azza, Fazira, Farhan Ahlaamie.

My Role: I acted as one of the students that went into the deadly woods. I died in the middle of the movie due to the heart attack after seeing the scary-looking murderer/psychopath.

My experiences: 
I got lots of experiences throughout the process of making the story itself and producing this short movie. We wanted a quality movie that is different from other teams. Thus, we chose horror genre. We planned to shoot it at night but we do not have the guts to do so especially the title itself portrays that the scene occurs in a real wood. So, we changed the location of the shooting (at real woods) and we shot it in the evening. Although it looks easy to accomplish, the reality is different. We tried our best to deliver the emotion to create an eery atmosphere so that audiences could feel it too. After the shooting, we experienced the difficulties and hardships in editing process. I felt like it was a never-ending job as after producing the movie, we had lots of thought on audiences' response and reactions towards this movie. Will they like it? Is this enough to meet audiences' expectation? Will this be the worst movie among all?

Reflection about the subject:
In my opinion, this multimedia subject is a difficult subject because it requires lots of commitment, the knowledge on the usage of gadgets and software as well as a positive attitude. However, I gained a lot from this subject. After enrolled this subject, I got the knowledge on how to use movie maker application, adobe photoshop, Flickr, Voice Thread, DoppleMe, Canva, etc. Excitingly, these application are very useful in teaching field. They could help your teaching to be more fun, exciting and you could avoid your students from getting bored. Besides that, it teaches me to be more patient and hardworking. Of course every university students should get a chance to enroll this subject and explore those weird-never heard or explored-applications and software.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and hello everyone!

I am Fazira Ramelan and this is an old blog that I turn to a new one.

I am a 25 year old woman who is struggling to complete my degree to achieve Bachelor of English with Communication from UniSZA. Before this, I was blogging to share my experiences in Terengganu but NOW, I am blogging for my Integrative Multimedia subject. To cut it short, this the medium where I am going to apply all of my understanding and knowledge of that subject.

Hopefully, the entry in this blog can be a diary, magazine, newspaper, source of information, inspiration and could contribute to the society..!